"Seattle Top Docs certainly got this one right.  I saw Dr. Park today, and he was amazing.  Apparently Dr. Curda ( who also has an amazing reputation) sold his practice to Dr. Park. Based upon Curda's reputation, I gave Dr. Park a try.  He was a foot trauma surgeon in California before moving here, and seems to know his stuff.  He took time to answer all of my questions ( I had a lot), and was extremely personable. Easy parking, and little wait time when I arrived.  FYI take note of the street address, because the sign is a bit hidden.  From his Top Doc article: Ted ( Tae Soon) Park, DPM, bunion and health pain treatment, sports medicine, foot/ankle trauma surgery; Eastside Podiatry, 2950 Northup Way, Suite #115, Bellevue, 425-893-8100; Overlake; New York College of Podiatric Medicine, 2008" -Yelp-

"Dr. Park was voted by his colleagues as one of Seattle's Top Doctors.  I wholeheartedly trust his expertise and really appreciate the fact that he is both knowledgeable and empathetic as a caregiver. I went to him after an injury to my ankle, and not only did he treat the area, he took the time to listen and explain what/how I injured the area, how I can expedite the healing process, and what precautionary measures I should be taking.  After that ankle healed up, I went back to him after another accident where I had glass wedged deep into my foot.  He is incredibly skilled at what he does and I cannot recommend this doctor enough.  Trust me, the reviews, and the recommendation of his colleagues and see Dr. Park at the Eastside Podiatry Clinic. Expect nothing but a clean hospital, friendly staff members, and most importantly, a doctor who cares about his patients."  -Yelp-

"Dr. Curda is by far the best doctor I have ever had. I was born with severe bunions and I have always had excruciating pain from them [...]But thanks to Dr. Curda I don't have to worry about any of that anymore! He is the person to see for any foot problems!"

"From the staff to meeting with Dr. Curda, our experience was great [...]...Dr. Curda was excellent (with our young daughter) Dr. Curda was excellent with her and made her feel at ease"

"[...] My daughter (an ironman triathelete) is also a very satisfied patient of Dr. Curda. Or as she likes to put it, she considers him a part of her support team"

"Dr. Curda saw my son on an emergency basis for an ingrown toenail that had become infected [...] his staff was wonderful-polite and responsive to our problem and managed to get us in the same day. [...] My son and I were both delighted and he was running Cross Country the next day!"

"Dr. Curda is exceptional.  He is knowledgable and caring.  He treated me for Plantar Fasciitis and my feet feel better than they have in years.  Staff also very helpful. My friend had a bunion surgery with Dr. Curda last year and also had excellent results."

"Dr. Curda is exceptional when it comes to taking care of patients.  He is compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and professional [...] I had my surgeries in 2003 and my feet are great and pain free. Thank you Glen!"

"He personally called me, four nights in a row, after he did surgery to be sure I was OK.  I've never had that kind of care-and I practiced medicine myself for a long time!"

**** DID YOU KNOW…………………………………………?????????****

1) You can call us for treatment of an acute injury such as an ankle fracture, sprain, or chronic ankle pain after an injury.

2) We now have an Ultrasound machine which can help us diagnose foot and ankle problems and allows us to guide an injection with pin-point accuracy.

3) To serve you better, we will be starting appointments on Fridays beginning in October, 2012.


Ultrasound Imaging System

New at the Eastside Podiatry Clinic

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Ultrasound Imaging System

Eastside Podiatry Clinic now implements a state-of-the-art Ultrasound imaging system, consolidating cutting-edge technology and research in medicine, for optimal foot and ankle care.  Ultrasonography is an effective imaging diagnostic tool for various foot and ankle pathologies, including sesamoiditis, capsulitis, neuroma and heel pain.  Its is non-invasive, pain-free, cost effective, emits no radiation, and provides perfect spatial resolution for superficial soft tissue structures.  Utilizing this Ultrasound imaging system at the Eastside Podiatry Clinic allows us to direct injection techniques against soft tissue tumors and inflammatory diseases in the foot and ankle with pin-point accuracy.


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