3D Custom Orthotics

3D Custom Molded Orthotics

The state of the art technology combines 3D imaging software and digital printing to create unique customized orthotics. Paired with limb length studies, gait analysis and pronation studies conducted 1-1 by our physicians, our 3D custom molded orthotics can assist in realigning your foot biometrics.

Realignment of the Biomechanics of your entire body: Misalignment of the lower body can cause conditions such as persistent knee, hip and back pain, and uneven wear to joints and cartilage that may be linked to undiagnosed limb length discrepancies or undiagnosed foot deformities. Realigning the foundation of your body by utilizing custom orthotics may help in realigning the biomechanics of the entire lower body.

Bunions, Hammertoes and other structural foot issues often form due to underlying structural defects of the feet. Orthotics have been successfully used in slowing the progression of these deformities or may even help prevent them form forming to certain extents, dependent on the patient's unique condition.

Diabetic wounds and complications: Orthotics can be utilized for shock absorption, balance and redirecting or relieving pressure away from areas of the foot that may be prone to development or sores or wounds.

All of our orthotics are locally crafted in Woodinville, WA at a specialty orthotic laboratory.

3D custom molded orthotics are often covered by major insurances. Prior authorization may be required. Contact your insurance provider to inquire if custom orthotics are covered under your specific plan.


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